Chris Huntley

Chris Huntley

Chris Huntley is an Academy Award-winning software developer and Vice President of Write Brothers® Inc.  Chris is also the co-creator of Dramatica®, an acclaimed theory of story and the basis of the popular Writer's DreamKit™ and Dramatica® Pro and Dramatica® Story Expert software.  Chris regularly teaches workshops and classes on story structure and development.





































Dramatica: A New Theory of Story

Dramatica: A New Theory of Story is the definitive guide to the most profoundly original and complete paradigm of story since Aristotle wrote Poetics. This book is chock-full of stunning solutions to vexing story structure and development problems that have mystified and tormented writers for ages. An absolute must read for any writer who wants to elevate the quality of their written work.

Written by Melanie Anne Phillips & Chris Huntley.

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Story RX

Chris Huntley co-developed Dramatica® over a period of fourteen years, which became the basis for the popular Writer's DreamKit™ and Dramatica® Pro, Dramatica® Story Expert software.  His nearly thirty years of experience with script formatting, word processing and software development are reflected in the acclaimed Dramatica theory of story.


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Upcoming Events

Chris Huntley will present two workshops -- Creating Unforgetable Villains, and Playwriting in the 21st Century: Tools of the Trade -- at the 3rd National Conference of the Dramatists Guild in La Jolla, CA, July 16-19, 2015.

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Dramatica Users Group: See Dramatica in action every second Tuesday of the month. Participate in Burbank, CA or listen via podcasts. Learn more....

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Chris Huntley at Comic-con International 2010

Chris Huntley demonstrating Dramatica Pro in the Write Brothers booth at Comic-con International 2010

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